What is it?

Nutrition and dietetics is a medical field studying the characteristics and qualities of food, assessing how nutrients are assimilated by the body and diagnosing their nutritional state. This field also studies how to prevent and treat several conditions associated with your diet and nutrition. Nutrition and dietetics specialists can prescribe the best diet for you based on your individual needs and characteristics.

What conditions does it treat?

Nutrition and dietetics treats all conditions associated with one’s diet and assimilation of nutrients. Some of these involve metabolic disorders and weight management: preventing obesity and being overweight with all associated conditions, as well as eating disorders, by planning a healthy diet. In case you suffer from cardiac or other conditions, your nutritionist will make sure you have the right diet for you and will refer you to the best specialist to treat any condition you may be suffering from.

What are the sub-specialisations of nutrition and dietetics?

Nutrition and dietetics studies foods and their impact on your health, assessing what could be the best diet for your needs. It is associated with other subspecialties, such as endocrinology, but there is no subspecialty for nutrition and dietetics as of yet.

When do I need to see a nutritionist?

You’ll need to see a nutritionist or a dietitian if you need to check up on your diet. If you’re thinking of going on a diet for health or aesthetics reasons, you should talk to a nutritionist to make sure you get the best possible results while not neglecting any major nutrients you need. You should also see a nutritionist if you suspect you may have a metabolic disorder. If you want to radically change your diet, for instance by becoming a vegetarian or a vegan, you should make sure to schedule a follow-up with your nutritionist to monitor your health.

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