One stop clinics

A consultation room within a medical clinic. There is a bed for a physical examination.

What is a one-stop clinic?

A one-stop clinic aims to provide its patients with their initial consultation, a diagnosis and treatment plan within one visit to the clinic. In a one-stop clinic, there is a variety of staff (multiple specialists, nurses, imaging technicians etc.) to meet all the potential needs of the patient during their visit.

What happens at a one-stop clinic?

One-stop clinics can be aimed at diagnosing and creating a treatment plan for one specific condition, such as one-stop breast clinics for breast cancer, and they can also be aimed at diagnosing and treating conditions within one speciality such as gynaecology, oncology, urology and cardiology.

On the same day, patients will undergo all the necessary tests for making a diagnosis. This may involve having your medical history taken, a physical examination, a blood test and imaging scans and/or a biopsy.

Based on the diagnosis, the various treatment options will be discussed between the patient and their consultant. If a definitive diagnosis is made, the patient will most likely leave the one-stop clinic already having their treatment arranged.

What are the benefits of a one-stop clinic?

The journey time from initial consultation to diagnosis and treatment plan is drastically reduced.

As specialists, nurses, and imaging technicians are all in the same location, the patient does not need to travel to see various members of the healthcare team.

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