Specialty of Radiology

Biopsies are a method used to obtain a piece of tissue or cells of the organism, with the aim of examining them through the microscope. Biopsies can be carried out using an endoscope or a laparoscope, which is inserted into the body (e.g. in the abdomen) and does the scraping, cutting or extracting of the tissue to be studied using the appropriate instruments. Some biopsies require total sedation and others simply local anaesthetic. The biopsy of the small intestine is to extract part of the tissue and cells of the organ for later analysis and study. This type of biopsy requires total sedation and is done by inserting an endoscope (small flexible tube with optic fibre) through the mouth (although sometimes it is also inserted through the nose). This tube is moved towards the part of the small intestine from which the surgeon needs a sample of tissue. This way, pathologies of the small intestine can be detected and diagnosed.

Videos related to Biopsy

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