Orthognathic surgery

Specialty of Oral & maxillofacial surgery

Orthognathic surgery is surgery to correct the position of the maxilla and mandible. The objective of this procedure is to get a good fit of these two bones to improve jaw function and aesthetics of the face. This surgery is indicated for patients with dental malocclusion that can not be treated only with orthodontics. The types of corrective surgery are: mandibular advancement, when the lower teeth and chin are lagging behind the rest of the face; closing the open bite, when the upper and lower teeth do not contact to shut up and leave a space; and jaw asymmetry, when the chin and teeth deviate sideways. To find out which treatment is most appropriate, a study is carried out in three dimensions with x rays. The images allow to know what area should be operated and perform process simulation. Before the intervention, the individual must bear fixtures for a while so that the teeth fit together when the jaws have been put in place with the intervention.

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