Traumatic penile fibrosis

Specialty of Andrology

Traumatic penile fibrosis is a pathology that consists of the formation of hard tissue on the surface of the organ, causing loss of elasticity of the penis and, as a consequence, Peyronie's disease. By not stretching during an erection, the penis bends in the direction of the scar. This curvature can become painful and even prevent sexual intercourse. Although generally occurring in men over 50 years of age, it can affect younger men. The exact cause of this disease is unknown, but there are studies that link Peyronie's syndrome with an alteration in the immune system. In addition, there are also cases of traumatic fibrosis of the penis, which can result from an injury occurring when the penis is erect. In an initial phase, the treatment for this pathology is pharmacological, but if the disease evolves and the penis curvature continues, surgery may be necessary to avoid future complications.

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