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Alberto E. Porciani
CEO Top Doctors Europe & LATAM

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Up to 16/02/2019
We know how important patient comments and ratings are, so much so, that 75% of people check reviews before making a decision. This is why at Top Doctors we guarantee the authenticity of all reviews and we make sure that all comments made are real. This means we verify all reviews through an authentication system.
What does our authentication system involve?
1. Only patients who have booked an appointment through Top Doctors can leave a review.
2. We confirm that the patient went to the appointment. Only a real experience can lead to a real review.
3. We publish all reviews. Whether positive or negative, the review is published on the doctors' profile*.
This process reduces the total number of reviews as the process is slower and we compel the patient to check their emails while we're tracking the authenticity of the information. However, we know that when it comes to your health, quality is far more important than quantity. Knowing that there is a whole process with a team that monitors the information and that the reviews are real, helps ensure that we are truly helping patients.
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Patient reviews:

R.O. London 15/02/2019

Dr Brian O'Connor review


Excellent care, mutual respect, and high quality of treatment

A.E. London 15/02/2019

Mr Ian Franklin review


Such a good experience. He was friendly, professional and got everything done without any delay. I can’t recommend Mr Franklin more highly. Superb!

V.M. London 14/02/2019

Dr Annegret Dahlmann-Noor review


Excellent treatment by Doctor and staff. Very happy.

M.C. London 12/02/2019

Dr Jeannie Todd review


Hi, I would highly recommend Dr Jeannie Todd. Very comfortable in her presence and very professional. Thank you. Mark

N.H. London 10/02/2019

Professor David Reid review



K.T. London 09/02/2019

Professor Jeremy Levy review


This was my first experience of using your service, all worked well, professional and freindly.staff.

T.S. London 09/02/2019

Ms Theresa Richardson review


She is incredible. It was so refreshing to meet a doctor of her calibre and she really took the time to understand the current and long-term issue. Fantastic.

A.F. London 07/02/2019

Professor David Reid review


The appointment was at the new part of the London Bridge Hospital at the Shard. Prof Reid was good but the hospital was an administrative shambles.

O.M. London 02/02/2019

Dr Christopher Jenner review


Very professional. Strongly recommend

E.V. Chichester 31/01/2019

Dr John Tanner review


This is the second time I have seen Dr. Tanner and both appointments have been very pleasant and more importantly successful. I would recommend Dr. Tannet.

T.T. London 30/01/2019

Dr Carolyn Millar review


Very good

G.S. London 29/01/2019

Dr Syed Ahsan review


A perfect consultation. Professional, succinct, humane and kind. Agree with all the above attributes.

P.W. London 28/01/2019

Dr Andrew Deaner review


I recently moved back from Hong Kong. Private healthcare in HK is pretty good, so my expectations were perhaps too high. Anyway, I came away very satisfied!

C. Chelmsford 26/01/2019

Mr Toby Hammond review


Very confident specialist who leaves the patient relaxed

E.N. London 25/01/2019

Mr Sean Molloy review


A first-class spinal surgeon knowledgeable in his field with clarity of surgical prospects. Personable and leaves patient at ease.

n.c. London 24/01/2019

Professor Jeremy Levy review


Consultation for my mother. Prof Levy was kind, patient, reassuring and informative. We both found the sessions to be very helpful.

C. London 23/01/2019

Dr Hélène Menagé review


Genuinely caring and very professional! Even her assistant was great and very cheery. I truly felt I was listened and cared for. Best medical experience so far

R.K. Birmingham 20/01/2019

Mr Jan Dmitrewski review


Very professional and I would recommend him to anyone who needs professional help and advice

V.K. London 17/01/2019

Dr Brian O'Connor review


Excellent doctor , very helpful and friendly staff

D.M. Liverpool 15/01/2019

Professor Robert John Moots review


Prof. Moots is warm and welcoming, he immediately puts you at ease. His knowledge of his specialty is hugely reassuring. I was very happy to have found him.

W.H. London 13/01/2019

Mr Luke Cascarini review


So far everything has been very good

A.S. London 12/01/2019

Mr Ahmed Ismail review


Very professional staff, the clinic has a positive vibe which is very reassuring while waiting to be seen by a doctor. I highly recommend Dr Ismail.

R.A. London 09/01/2019

Dr Maria Papadopoulou review


Lovely and understanding in every possible way. Very attentive to details and cares about patient's overall experience.

R. London 05/01/2019

Mr Sean Blaney review


Listen / read any directions you are given very carefully as The Shard has many Receptions and floors - you could easily get lost !

R.R. London 03/01/2019

Dr Stuart Bloom review


Very decent bloke - charming and well informed and kept me inormed of every step of the procedure (endoscopy). I have absolutely no compliants.

G.F. London 20/12/2018

Dr Stuart Bloom review


Dr Bloom is excellent. He is patient, kind and very straightforward.

H.B. London 18/12/2018

Professor Matthew Walker review


The professor listened carefully to my sleep problems. He was open-minded and professional. He gave me plenty of time and options for treatment.

J.E. London 15/12/2018

Mr Colin Nnadi review


Great doctor. Very kind and attentive to detail. I wish all doctors are like Dr Colin Nnadi.

D.B. London 11/12/2018

Mr Rajendra Rai review


From the welcome given by the receptionist to the thorough consultation by Dr Raj I would not hesitate in recommending booking an appointment with him

H.A. London 07/12/2018

Dr Devinder Bansi review


Jeg har været hos ham. Han er en bedste hjertelæge. Jeg har været utrolig glad for hans behandling .

M.S. London 07/12/2018

Ms Theresa Richardson review


Yes I would recommend this doctor. Best I have ever had. Very kind friendly person

M.M. London 05/12/2018

Dr Stuart Bloom review


Dr Bloom was very helpful and demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and professionalism

R.L. Watford 03/12/2018

Mr Simon Lambert review


Hi my thoughts on Mr Lambert is that he is a very approachable man and very knowledgeable and show nothing but at a respect for me and very knowledgeable.

H.R. London 01/12/2018

Mr Kavin Andi review


I cancelled my other consultations with other surgons as I could trust Andi completely. He knows exactly what he’s doing and wants the best solution/result foru

P.O. London 01/12/2018

Mr Giovanni Ferrando review


Mu bien atendia. Se preocupa por el.paciente, muy contenta con su atencio.

M.S. London 23/11/2018

Ms Theresa Richardson review


High quality and professionalism, very easy hospital to get to

S.D. London 23/11/2018

Dr David Game review


very good experience, I would absolutely recommend Dr David Game!

G.B. London 23/11/2018

Mr Christopher Chandler review


Reception Staff were very poor and because of thier negligence i was waiting 20 minutes after my due time and Dr Chandler was waiting for me

H.C. London 23/11/2018

Professor David Reid review


I travelled from overseas to visit Professor Reid on 21 November 2018, followed the same day with a dexa scan, the results of which were provided to me less than 24 hours later. Professor Reid is an extremely knowledgeable doctor and a very caring person. His knowledge of Osteoporosis and all the relevant treatments surpassed my expectations. I now feel more at ease with how to cope with Osteoporosis and I shall be returning to his Clinic on Monday to commence treatment. Thank you Professor.

B.G. London 21/11/2018

Professor Matthew Walker review


Appointment with DR Walker was good.He has given us enough time and done soothing councelling. I am satisfied by seeing him

T.S. London 19/11/2018

Professor Jeremy Levy review


I found him to be well experienced, very knowledgeable and exceptionally patient. He gave me plenty of time to ask questions and explained well in detail.

R. Guildford 15/11/2018

Professor Aftab Ala review


I have been more than impressed with all my treatment and experience with Prof Ala and Mount Alvernia Hospital , wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

N.C. St Albans 14/11/2018

Mr Praveen Patel review


I had a very thorough and helpful consultation with Mr Patel. He was able to reassure me about my condition & the NHS treatment I have been receiving.

A.B. London 12/11/2018

Dr Amit Patel review


Dr Patel has a wonderful bedside manner. He is approachable and reassuring. He is very thorough and takes time to expain things in clear and plain English.

G.C. London 10/11/2018

Mr Rajendra Rai review


Very professional and helpful during my situation, Would certainly recommend

I.W. London 09/11/2018

Mr Majid Hashemi review


I cannot fault the consultation and subsequent treatment my husband received. Mr Hashemi spoke in a very clear manner when explaining our options, excellent.

S.S. London 05/11/2018

Mr Keng Jin Ng review


Blown away! Dr. Ng almost straight away had an idea what my issue is, and made me feel super comfortable. Very optimistic that he'll be able to "fix me"!

R.S. London 01/11/2018

Dr Lisa Das review


Good listening and understanding of your concerns.

J.B. London 31/10/2018

Dr Barbara McGowan review



R.W. London 30/10/2018

Professor Hashim Uddin Ahmed review


Excellent care and short waiting time.Very efficient secretarial support, great hospital facilities and surroundings. I would certainly recommend Prof Ahmed.

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