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Mr Chris Blick

Urologist (26)

Bladder cancer, Kidney cancer , Benign prostate enlargement, Prostatitis , Urinary tract infection , Prostate cancer


Mr Hanif Motiwala


Bladder cancer, Urinary incontinence , Peyronie's disease, Paediatric urology, Kidney stones , Prostate cancer


Mr Rajiv Pillai

Urologist (7)

Bladder cancer, Urologic Oncology , Prostate cancer , Kidney stones , Urinary tract infection , Benign prostate enlargement


Dr Naveed Sarwar

Medical oncologist (2)

Bladder cancer, Urological Cancer , Kidney cancer , Prostate cancer , Testicular cancer, Ovarian cancer


Dr Mark Tuthill

Medical oncologist

Bladder cancer, Immunotherapy , Breast cancer , Prostate cancer , Kidney cancer ,


Mr Bhupendra Dev Sarmah

Urologist (3)

Bladder cancer, Prostate cancer , Benign prostate enlargement, Green light laser surgery, Kidney stones , Vasectomy Reversal


Mr Aidan Noon

Urologist (11)

Bladder cancer, Prostate cancer , PSA test, Haematuria (blood in the urine), Bladder problems, Urinary tract infection


Mr Sarb Sandhu

Urologist (2)

Bladder cancer, Bladder problems, Prostate, Vasectomy , Vasovasostomy (vasectomy reversal), Prostate cancer


Mr Gidon Ellis

Urologist (11)

Bladder cancer, Kidney stones , Benign prostate enlargement, Haematuria (blood in the urine), Holmium laser (HoLEP), Urinary tract infection


Mr Sachin Malde

Urologist (4)

Bladder cancer, Cystitis, Urinary incontinence , Bladder problems, Interstitial cystitis , Kidney stones


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