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Miss Kiki Iordanidou is a chartered counselling psychologist practising in London with clients having an array of needs. Her focuses are anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, confidence couselling, burnout, and work stress. Since 2008, she has been practising at her own clinic, K I Counselling Ltd.

After completing her primary psychology qualification in 2003, Miss Iordanidou finished her training in the London area and receiving her Advance Practitioner Diploma in counselling psychology in 2008. She has worked in both public and private sectors, allowing her to be exposed to people from a wide range of backgrounds. This shows how unique each client is, and Miss Iordanidou will always adapt and integrate her methods and approaches to meet the needs of the individual.

Miss Iordanidou applies creativity, encouragement, compassion, humour, and honesty throughout the client journey. She is a sensitive person who is motivated in helping people to overcome their difficulties a have a more functional, happy, fulfilling life. Developing a trusting relationship with each client is important to Miss Iordanidou; she uses honestly, congruence, and empathy to achieve this.

Collaborating with the client, Miss Iordanidou teaches how to manage and change negative feelings and thoughts, making them less overwhelming. In doing so, the client and she will explore the difficulties aided by her emotional support and practical advice to come to resolution. She also teaches new tools and techniques so clients can deal with practical problems.

Miss Iordanidou sees change every day and genuinely believes it is possible, despite how challenging life can be at times. This confidence is transferred to her clients and helps to reach the desired goals. She loves her job and she feels fortunate to deliver psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to do so.

HCPC register: PYL24334

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She is very professional and ask the questions that we ask ourselves. She encourages me to think and plan things to manage situations in my life, which sometimes I make ir harder and they are actually simple small things that have significant impact.

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