Building confidence

A smart and professional looking woman who is smiling happily and confidently

What is building confidence?

Building confidence aims to help people build the confidence they need to succeed in their goals, whether they are personal, social or professional goals. Often, people without confidence don’t take actions due to fear and doubt in their abilities, but those with confidence will have faith in their ability to improve, cope with unexpected situations and take risks. They also have the ability to inspire others with their trust in their own judgment and abilities, as well as their determination.

Why is it done?

People without confidence can find it difficult to be assertive and they might struggle with social anxiety. This anxiety can have a negative impact on social, familial and work life. Building confidence does not automatically make someone better at specific skills or better at handling certain situations, but it does provide them with experience, awareness and techniques which can greatly increase their ability to overcome their anxieties.

What does it involve?

Building confidence involves challenging negative thought patternsovercoming insecurity and talking yourself through doubts.

There are several approaches to help you find confidence:

  • Learning to block negative thoughts
  • Assertiveness training
  • Building self-esteem
  • Positive self-talk
  • Goal-setting and rewarding oneself

Therapists can help determine the areas you need to work on to build confidence. There are science-based therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and  mindfulness techniques that they may recommend.

Who helps with building confidence?

A psychologist can talk you through the approaches to building confidence and help you overcome insecurities, fears and/or doubts at your own pace.

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