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Mr Rishi Chana

Orthopaedic surgeon (2)

Hip replacement , Knee replacement, Joint preservation surgery, Biological therapy, Cartilage repair, Robotic surgery


Mr Stefan Weitzel

Orthopaedic surgeon (5)

Foot and ankle, Bunion (hallux valgus) , Ankle replacement surgery, Sprained ankle , Knee arthroscopy , Shockwave therapy


Mr Thomas Hester

Orthopaedic surgeon

Traumatic injury , Foot and ankle, Minimal access surgery (keyhole surgery), Fractured ankle, Sports injuries, Foot arthrodesis


Mr Peter Hill

Orthopaedic surgeon

Sports injuries, Knee osteoarthritis , Knee arthroscopy , ACL reconstruction, Ligamentoplasty, Knee replacement


Mr Alexander Montgomery

Orthopaedic surgeon (1)

Herniated disc percutaneous surgery , Spinal osteoarthritis , Spinal fusion, Back pain , Back injuries , Minimally invasive spinal surgery


Mr David Houlihan-Burne

Orthopaedic surgeon (16)

Meniscus , Knee arthroscopy , Anterior cruciate ligament , Arthritis, Sports injuries, Sports traumatology


Mr Ritesh Sharma

Consultant Orthopaedic Hand and Wrist Surgeon (10)

Carpal tunnel syndrome, Cubital tunnel syndrome, Hand arthritis, Dupuytren’s contracture, Trigger finger, Wrist surgery


Mr Jaykar Panchmatia

Orthopaedic spinal surgery

Back pain , Sciatica , Spinal stenosis, Trapped nerve, Minimally invasive spinal surgery , Spinal surgery


Mr Alun Yewlett

Orthopaedic surgeon (3)

Rotator cuff injury , Osteoarthritis of the elbow, Biological therapy, Frozen shoulder , Shoulder arthroscopy , Elbow arthroscopy


Mr Colin Nnadi

Spinal surgery (2)

Trapped nerve, Spinal stenosis, Scoliosis , Spine fracture, Spinal surgery, Back pain


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