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Dr Robert Boyle is a leading paediatric allergy specialist in one of the largest paediatric allergy clinics in the UK. He specialises in eczema, asthma, food allergy, anaphylactic allergy and immunotherapy. He does not work with adults but children only

Dividing his time between his Harley Street Clinic and St. Mary's Hospital, he is also active in researching the area of allergy in children and has published numerous studies on the subject. Dr Boyle also contributes as editor, writing on the subject of childhood allergy, and lectures widely.

Dr Boyle has an active research programme at Imperial College London, where he is able to access the latest in allergy tests for his patients to help them make a clear diagnosis.

He also uses the latest in allergy treatments including desensitisation through sublingual immunotherapy and allergen avoidance using temperature controlled laminar airflow (Airsonett).



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