Cutting-edge research: A deeper understanding of the cause of endometriosis?

Written by: Mr Amer Raza
Edited by: Sophie Kennedy

In this fascinating article, highly respected consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Mr Amer Raza details the findings of a recent American research project which aims to improve our understanding of endometriosis, particularly how and when it begins to develop.



According to innovative research, the root cause of endometriosis may stem from the pre-natal development phase when baby girls develop in the womb.


Speaking on the research, Professor Bernard Crespi of California’s Simon Fraser University, who runs the Crespi Laboratory where the study took place, suggested that a lack of parental testosterone during this key developmental phase is responsible. Quoted in the university’s student newspaper The Peak, Professor Crespi indicated that as girls reach puberty and the menstrual cycle commences, this imbalance of hormones begins to have an impact.


Professor Crespi explained that it was research performed by a graduate student at the Crespi Laboratories that established there was a connection between endometriosis and a lack of testosterone during this developmental phase, adding:


When your 12- or 16-week-old foetus is in the womb, there’s a sensitive period when the development of the reproductive system is taking place and the whole system is getting programmed.


In contrast to a connection between a lack of the hormone and endometriosis, research also revealed that an excess of testosterone is associated with polycystic ovary syndrome. According to Professor Crespi, “Graduate student Natalie Dinsdale took the findings and realised this could be the key to understanding the disease as a whole.”


While this cutting-edge research benefits our understanding of endometriosis as a whole and can support early diagnosis and treatment, it’s vital that women who are living with the condition and its symptoms today seek out expert care from a dedicated endometriosis specialist.


From surgical intervention to dietary changes to hormonal therapies like the contraceptive pill, there are numerous approaches to treatment which can help to manage endometriosis. The best treatment option varies from patient to patient, depending on a number of factors, including your age, overall health and whether they wish to conceive.


Currently, we are unable to cure endometriosis and the condition only goes away with the menopause. However, should it prove to be correct, the testosterone theory and innovative research from Simon Fraser University may help us to advance our understanding of endometriosis as a whole and enable us to find ways to diagnose and prevent the condition at an early stage.





Mr Raza is one of the UK’s leading specialists in endometriosis and its management. If you are seeking treatment for endometriosis and wish to schedule a consultation with Mr Raza, you can do so by visiting his Top Doctors profile.

By Mr Amer Raza
Obstetrics & gynaecology

Mr Amer Raza is a leading obstetrician and gynaecologist based in London who specialises in endometriosis, robotic surgery and pelvic pain alongside fibroids, menstrual disorders and hysteroscopy surgery. He has a specific interest in excisional surgery for endometriosis and is a passionate expert in laparoscopic surgery.  He privately practises at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital - Private Patients' Department, Cromwell Hospital, and Basinghall Clinic, alongside The Women's Wellness Centre. His NHS base is Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. 

Mr Raza is highly qualified, with various awards from leading educational institutions. These include an MBBS from Nishtar Medical College at Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pakistan, a BSc and a MRCOG. He also has an BSCCP, DFFP in Family Planning and Sexual Health and a PG Cert in Advanced Laparoscopy.
Mr Raza, who is very experienced in minimal access surgery and is an accredited endometriosis specialist, leads a multidisciplinary team of colorectal surgeons, urologist and radiologists for complex endometriosis cases as part of his practise. 

He also provides obstetric services in pregnancy, and believes that individualised care and empowerment of women's wishes can bring about safety and satisfaction through pregnancy and labour. 

Further to his impressive career and educational achievements, Mr Raza leads on many laparoscopic training programmes for specialists in the UK and around the world. He is also is the co-founder and director of Chelsea Centre of Minimal Access Gynaecologist (CCMIG), which is one of the largest online portals for training in laparoscopic surgery.

Mr Amer's research work has been published in various peer-reviewed journals and he is a member of professional organisations including the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy and the British Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology

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