Facial fat transfer

What is facial fat transfer?

Facial fat transfer makes use of fat taken from your own body to restore volume to certain areas of the face. Injections may be given in the cheeks, the lips, the furrows of the face, and around the eyes.

What does it involve?

Fat is taken from an area of the body using a syringe, and processed through techniques similar to liposuction (filtering out the fat cells which are not wanted). This fat can be then injected into other areas of the body, such as the breasts, but in this case, the face. The fat extraction procedure can be performed either under general or local anaesthetic, depending on the individual case.

Why is it performed?

Facial fat transfer is a way of rejuvenating the face, which can sag through the natural ageing process. In some cases, people may wish to restore some of the volume lost, and processed fat cells can give a more ‘youthful’ appearance to the face.

How can you prepare for the procedure?

Your doctor will mark the areas on the face where the injections will be placed and pictures will be taken, so they have a reference point for where the fat transfer will be injected. Any other preparation will be indicated by your doctor after an initial consultation.  

What is the aftercare for facial fat transfer?

After the procedure you may experience a little discomfort, such as aches and slight pains in the area where the fat was removed from, and the areas it was injected into. Some swelling and bruising may also occur, but this goes down relatively soon after the procedure. You will likely need to wear a compression garment on the areas fat was removed from (the areas liposuction was performed). However, recovery time for facial fat transfer is typically much quicker than fat transfer performed in other areas.

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