Semen analysis

Specialty of Fertility specialist

What is a seminogram?

A seminogram, also called spermogram or semen analysis, is a diagnostic test to analyse the quality of semen. A semigram measures qualities such volume, liquefaction, viscosity, color and pH of the semen, and, on the other hand, the concentration, mobility, vitality, morphology and presence of epithelial cells or leukocytes of the spermatozoa.

What happens during a seminogram?

The patient must collect a sample of semen in a sterile bottle after having urinated and washed their hands and genitals. It is important to obtain the total sample of the ejaculate, as otherwise the analysis will not be representative and will not be considered valid. Once the sample is collected, it must be delivered to the clinic for analysis.

If the sample is taken at home, it must delivered to the clinic within an hour. During transport, the temperature of the sample must fall below 5ºC.

Why is a seminogram performed?

A seminogram is used to diagnose male infertility and determine what type of infertility is present. This can help the medical team assess the chances of a successful pregnancy and the best course of treatment.

Preparing for the seminogram

To prepare for the seminogram, it is important that:

  • you do not ejaculate for 4-5 days before the sample is taken
  • no ointments are applied during the eight hours prior to collection of semen

What could abnormal results mean?

The main problems that can be diagnosed in a seminogram and that lead to infertility are:

  • oligospermia - low sperm count
  • azoospermia - absence of sperm
  • asthenozoospermia - problems of sperm mobility
  • teratozoospermia - problems with the shape of the sperm morphology
  • hypospermia - low seminal volume

After diagnosis you will have a consultant with your doctor about the best treatment options moving forward. This could include the standard treatment of in vitro fertilisation or a more specialised treatment such as ICSI or IMSI.

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