Skin allergies

Specialty of GP (general practioner)

Skin allergies are an immune reaction that is produced by the presence or contact with certain substances or products (allergens). Reactions can vary depending on the product that causes the allergy to the person: perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, flowers, foods. In addition, there are different types of skin allergies: food allergy, contact dermatitis, and atopy. The common symptoms that cause skin allergies are skin rashes, inflammation, redness, burning, pruritus or itching, but severe complications may occur depending on the case. It is therefore important to consult with a specialist when these symptoms appear and which are often sudden and sometimes can cause suffocation or choking and put the patient's health at risk. The treatment usually involves taking antihistamines to attack the allergy and its symptoms as a first step. But then it is recommended to perform allergy tests to identify the allergen that causes that reaction in the body and to be able to treat it directly. In most cases, avoiding the substances that cause the allergy is enough.

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