Skin patches

Specialty of Dermatology

Skin blemishes are pigmentations that appear on the skin. Depending on their origin, they may be pigmented or vascular. Pigments appear by excess production of a pigment called melanin generated from melanocytes (skin cells) and stimulated by solar rays, and may be dark and localised (hyperpigmentation) or pale (depigmentation). Vascular stains are caused by congestion of the vessels of the skin, which produce red patches on the skin, such as angioma and teleangiectasia. In any case, it is recommended to consult with a dermatologist if the patient notices the appearance of new spots on the skin, especially if they change colour or texture, to rule out that it is a skin cancer. The treatments vary according to the type of blemish, and they can go from simple treatments such as avoiding exposure to the sun and using of sunscreens, to the application of peeling or laser or depigmenting treatments.
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