Throat cancer

Specialty of Otolaryngology / ENT

Pharyngeal cancer is a disease characterised by the presence of malignant tumour cells in the throat. This condition is classified according to location: nasopharynx, when it affects the upper part of the throat behind the nose; oropharynx, when located in the middle part of the throat; and hypopharynx, when the cancer is at the bottom of the pharynx. The symptoms of pharyngeal tumours depend on their location and size, but all can cause a lump in the neck. The tumour develops in four stages, from small to large, starting without metastasis and tissue around the pharynx and lymph nodes which then spreads. Treatment also varies by type of cancer: if located in the nasopharynx, chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions are recommended; for cancers of the oropharynx and hypopharynx, the patient will undergo an operation if the tumour is small; tumours in the neck will be removed with surgery, which will be accompanied by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and removal of the tumour may involve the removal of all or part of the vocal cords.

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