Spider veins - Medical specialists

Mr Sabu Jacob

General and vascular surgery

Spider veins, Hernia, Gallstones, Skin lesions, Varicose veins, Peripheral arterial disease


Professor Mark Whiteley

Vascular surgeon (2)

Spider veins, Pelvic congestion syndrome, Phlebectomy, Endovenous laser treatment (EVLA), Foam sclerotherapy, Varicose veins surgery


Mr David Greenstein

Vascular and venous surgery (2)

Spider veins, Varicose veins, Pelvic congestion syndrome, Deep vein thrombosis, Hand veins, Swollen legs


Mr Ian Franklin

Vascular surgeon (7)

Spider veins, Deep vein thrombosis, Leg ulcers , Varicose veins, Lymphoedema, Pelvic congestion syndrome


Mr Paul Herbert

Consultant Transplant, General & Vascular Surgeon

Spider veins, Vascular access surgery, Varicose veins,


Mr Philip Coleridge Smith

Vascular surgeon (8)

Spider veins, Deep vein thrombosis, Thrombosis , Varicose veins, Venous insufficiency , Venous ulcer


Mr Paul Moxey

Vascular surgeon

Spider veins, Varicose veins, Aortic aneurysms , Peripheral arterial disease , Carotid artery disease, Leg ulcers


Mr Hamish Hamilton

General and Vascular Surgeon

Varicose veins, Laparoscopic hernia surgery, Gallbladder surgery , Peripheral arterial disease , Aortic surgery , Thyroid surgery


Dr Suren Naidoo

Aesthetic doctor

Vaginal dryness, Laser vaginal rejuvenation, Dermal fillers, Platelet-rich plasma, Nutrition , Obesity


Dr Nikola Milojevic

Aesthetic doctor (1)

Anti-aging treatments, Dermal fillers, Facelift , Wrinkles, Wrinkles on the lip, Lip augmentation


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