Coaching (personal development)

What is personal development coaching?

Coaching is a psychological discipline involving a process of personalised counselling and training during which the coach (or trainer) accompanies the individual in their personal development to achieve the established goals or objectives. During this process, the coach helps the individual to discover and optimise their abilities and performance, building and boosting self-confidence and discovering or developing latent abilities or talents.

Depending on the case, the individual and their goals, it may be necessary to discuss personal situations and relationships in order to remove specific impediments or aspects of the individual’s personality that prevent them from progressing in different areas of their lives. In this way, this discipline achieves highly satisfactory results and facilitates the personal growth of the individual, helping them to achieve their long-term professional and personal goals.

Why have personal development coaching?

Personal development coaching is offered at the individual’s request, if they want to build their self-esteem, motivation, believe in their possibilities and thus achieve a path to success. It allows the individual to put their wishes into practice if they want to change their career, improve their relationships with family or friends or if they want to start a new business project, for example.

What does personal development coaching involve?

The coach is always there for the individual, taking things at their pace and making them aware of their beliefs. This relationship is established in several steps:

  • Observation : observing new paradigms, beliefs and behaviours as alternatives for taking on new challenges.
  • Awareness : understanding the power of choice, learning new techniques for making more effective choices and observing the consequences of these choices.
  • Determining goals : defining the goals to achieve, in order to build a clearer path towards them.
  • Action : once all the information has been gathered, action is taken. During this period the coach will be on hand to resolve any problems that might arise.
  • Measurement : assessing the distance between the individual’s situation and their goals, allowing corrective decisions to be made.

Preparing for personal development coaching:

It is important that you hire the services of a personal coach because you want to, because you feel you need advice on how to achieve your goals. You must feel motivated about the process, as you will need to motivate yourself and believe that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Follow-up to personal development coaching:

At the end of the coaching period it is important that you continue to apply the techniques learned and to remember that you can do whatever you set out to do if you believe in your possibilities.

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