Mouth cancer

Specialty of Oral & maxillofacial surgery

Mouth cancer is a type of malignant tumour that can appear anywhere in the oral cavity. Among the different types that exist, the most frequent are tongue cancer and neck cancer, often caused by the metastasis of the first that has a strong tendency to invade nearby areas. It is usually manifested by the presence of whitish-like lesions on the oral mucosa, which look like ulcers. For a suspicious-looking mouth wound that has not healed in a couple of weeks, the doctor should be consulted to examine the lesion. Early detection is essential for the treatment of mouth cancer, which will require specialists who combine surgery to remove it with complete oncology therapy (radiotherapy, chemotherapy) and, in most patients, reconstructive surgery to restore the affected area to its normal functionality and appearance. The causes in the majority of cases of oral cancer are tobacco and alcohol consumption, excessive sun exposure and insufficient oral hygiene.

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