Throat cancer / laryngeal cancer

Cancers of the throat and larynx are types of head and neck cancer. Depending on the location, the cancer can be classified as supraglottic tumour (above the glottis), glottic tumour or subglottic tumour (below the glottis). 


What is laryngeal cancer?

The larynx, or voicebox, is an important part of the throat that helps us to speak and breathe. Laryngeal cancer comes in the form of malignant tumours that affects the cells of the larynx where the vocal cords are located.


What are the symptoms of laryngeal cancer

Symptoms of laryngeal cancer include:

  • Hoarseness
  • Neck lump
  • Persistent sore throat
  • Long-lasting cough
  • Pain or difficulty when swallowing
  • Breathlessness
  • Wheezing
  • Unexplained weight loss


What is throat cancer?

Throat cancer or oropharyngeal cancer tends to start behind the nose in the part of the throat that helps you swallow. 


What are the symptoms of throat cancer

Symptoms of Oropharyngeal cancer include:

  • Swelling or lump in the neck
  • Sore throat
  • Dysphagia
  • Changes in your voice
  • Earache
  • Bad breath
  • Unexplained weight loss


What causes throat and laryngeal cancer?

Smoking tobacco, drinking a lot of alcohol, an unhealthy diet, and exposure to harmful chemicals or substances like coal dust or asbestos increase the risk of laryngeal cancer. It also seems to run in families with a history of head and neck cancer.


Throat/laryngeal cancer treatment

Early detection of the disease is essential to increase the life expectancy of patients. The treatment is based on removing the tumour, while avoiding its spread to other parts of the body. Depending on the case, surgery may involve partial or total removal of the vocal cords, and treatment with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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