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Mr Bhupendra Dev Sarmah is a leading urologist with over 20 years of consultant-grade experience. Practising across Spire Parkway Hospital and Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, Mr Sarmah has a specialist interest in the treatment of prostate cancer, benign prostate enlargement (BPH), bladder cancer, kidney stones, minimally-invasive vasectomy surgery and vasectomy reversal. He offers full management of bladder and prostate cancer from diagnosis to treatment, including radical surgery, offering patients a wide range of treatment options to preserve quality of life.

At Heartlands Hospital, Mr Sarmah established the use of Green Light Laser (PVP) for BPH in 2008, upgrading to Moxy fibre in 2013, and is an avid supporter of day cases for this procedure. He started Neobladder reconstruction following radical cystectomy in 2005. Since 2009, he has made advances in the use of continuous anastomosis after open radical prostatectomy improving continence. Simultaneous use of modified TAB block means that over 90% of patients who undergo prostatectomy can be discharged within two days. Mr Sarmah is dedicated to informing both clinicians and the public of the latest treatments for bladder and prostate cancer, and regularly offers talks at seminars at the hospital as well as in the community. He has been a regular speaker at local prostate cancer support groups.

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Mr.sarmah has been my consultant for over a year and i trust him completely. he is kind, attentive & genuinely interested in resolving the medical issue.

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