The Exeter Friendly Hepatologists in London

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Dr Matthew Foxton

Consultant hepatologist and gastroenterologist

Fatty liver , Liver function tests, Hepatology, Endoscopy, FibroScan , Liver disease


Professor Kevin Peter Moore

Hepatology (1)

Ascites, Alcoholic liver disease, Cirrhosis , Fatty liver , Haemochromatosis, Alcoholism


Professor Michael A G Heneghan

Hepatology (5)

Cirrhosis , Autoimmune hepatitis, Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), Liver cancer , Liver transplant, Viral hepatitis


Dr Patrick Kennedy

Hepatologist (2)

Liver disease , Liver function tests, Viral hepatitis , Fatty liver , Alcoholism, Abdominal pain


Dr Phillip Harrison

Hepatologist (1)

Liver disease , Fatty liver , Hepatology, Liver transplant, Viral hepatitis , ERCP


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