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Mole mapping: what to expect

The best mole mapping procedure is a combination of both full body digital photography and dermoscopy. Dermoscopy is a non-invasive skin surface examination using a microscope that allows skin structures to be magnified that are not normally seen with the naked eye. The aim of mole mapping is to detect skin cancer as early as possible. Dermatologist Dr Ben Esdaile gives us the ins and outs of mole mapping and how to know if a mole is harmless or potentially a cause for concern.

What is vitiligo?

Have you ever seen someone in passing or in photos with unevenly colour skin? Some patches are one colour, whilst others are another? The chances are that they have what is called vitiligo; a skin condition that causes loss of skin colour in blotches over the body. Dr Dev Shah, a leading dermatologist, explains further and addresses the important psychological impact that this condition can have one sufferers.

Skin deep: an expert’s guide to the world’s most common cancer

Skin cancer is a common danger – in fact it is the most common form of cancer in the world. The idea that an innocent-looking mole on the skin could be deadly is a worrying prospect and the fact that simply being in the sun for too long can cause it is perhaps more worrying still. People often want to know how to spot skin cancer early and if it can be cured. Dr Raj Mallipeddi, a London-based expert dermatologist is here with the answers.

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