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Ask an expert: Should I wear makeup if I suffer from acne?

Although acne is a common skin problem, it can affect people’s confidence and self-esteem whether they suffer from it in their teenage years or in adulthood. In this expert guide to acne, leading dermatologist Dr Ravi Ratnavel answers commonly asked questions about the skin complaint, and gives specialist advice on selecting makeup and cosmetics, treatment options and when to see a dermatologist.

Is melasma dangerous?

Leading London-based dermatologist Dr Mary Sommerlad discusses melasma, a condition of the skin that causes irregular patches of discolouration on the high points of the face of women of childbearing ages. It is not dangerous but can impact self-image. Dr Sommerlad explains the causes, treatments, and methods of managing the condition. She also explains why it affects women more often than men.

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