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Crossed-eyes: can they be fixed? Strabismus explained

Children will often cross their eyes to have fun and be silly, but for some children (and even adults), having crossed eyes can be something they can’t help or control. The medical term for this is known as strabismus and it is described as when both eyes are not fully aligned and working together. Dr CT Pillai, a leading refractive eye surgeon and expert in treating strabismus, explains what it is, the different types, and the treatments available.

Treating benign and malignant eyelid lumps

The eyelids are complex structures, made up of several different types of tissue, all of which can become inflamed or swollen, resulting in an eyelid lump. Eyelid lumps are mostly benign and are easily removed with a local anaesthetic. However, the eyelids can also be a common site for malignant tumours. Here we get a description of how a common benign (xanthelasma) and malignant (BCC) eyelid lump are treated by Mr Daniel Ezra, who is a leading ophthalmic surgeon.

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