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Saving sight: A guide to retinal detachment

The human eye is an intricately designed organ, enabling us to perceive the world around us. One crucial component of vision is the retina, a thin layer of tissue located at the back of the eye that captures light and sends visual information to the brain. However, certain conditions, such as retinal detachment, can pose a significant threat to this vital sensory function. In his latest online article, Dr Peter Cackett gives us his insights into retinal detachment. He talks about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and prognosis and preventive measures.

Blepharoplasty: a quick guide

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at treating hooding of the upper eyelids and improving the overall appearance of the eyelids. It generally involves removing excess skin, muscle, and/or fat from the upper or lower eyelids, or both. This procedure can provide significant aesthetic enhancements, as well as functional benefits for some patients. Distinguished ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon Ms Aoife Naughton delves into the nuances of blepharoplasty, its indications, and what patients should consider before undergoing this procedure.

Unlocking clear vision: A guide to paediatric ophthalmology

The world is a captivating place, especially through the eyes of a child. Every colour, shape, and movement is an opportunity for discovery. However, for some children, this journey into the world of visual wonder can be impeded by various eye conditions. In his latest online article, Mr Conrad Schmoll gives us his insights into paediatric ophthalmology, a specialised branch of medicine, that plays a crucial role in ensuring our little ones have a clear vision and a bright future.

Understanding cataract surgery

Cataracts are a common eye condition that can affect anyone, regardless of age. While there's an abundance of information available on the internet, it's essential to have a clear understanding of cataract surgery to make informed decisions about your eye health. Leading consultant ophthalmic surgeon Dr Naing Latt Tint answers some key questions related to cataract surgery, offering insights that go beyond the basics.

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