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Breast implants FAQ: types, removal and side effects

If you're considering getting breast implants, changing them or removing them, Mr Ahid Abood has answers to some frequently asked questions. Find out the fundamental facts regarding breast implant types, removal and side effects. If you’ve had breast implants for a while, you may feel that the size, shape, texture, or even having an implant at all is no longer the right fit for you. Whatever your situation may be, Mr Ahid Abood is an expert in all aspects of breast implants and in this article answers many of your questions.

Preparing for a breast reduction

Identifying whether you are a suitable candidate for breast reduction surgery goes beyond simply wanting smaller breasts. There are a number of factors which will help to determine whether breast reduction surgery will be a safe and successful procedure. Mr Ahid Abood explains more about breast reduction surgery and offers his recovery tips to patients.

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