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Daytime wetting in children: how can this be resolved?

Day time wetting is an incredibly common condition in children. They usually attain continence by two to three years old, after potty training, where the parents remove the nappy and the child knows when they need to go to the toilet for a wee. There are two groups of children who wet. The first group is children who are dry and then begin wetting again, known as secondary wetting. The second group is children who have never been dry; they can’t get out of nappies. This is referred to as primary wetting.

What causes UTIs in children?

Urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are a very common type of infection that can lead to serious problems such as kidney damage if they are left untreated. In his latest article, renowned paediatric urologist Mr Alex Turner offers his expert insight into the condition, including their diagnosis, causes and treatment.

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