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Put your best foot forward with forefoot surgery

There are numerous surgeries which address different conditions that affect the forefoot, while there are various reasons as to why they're required. If you're looking to have the normal function in your forefoot restored, have a deformity treated or relief from forefoot pain, revered consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Andrew Skyrme has put together an expert guide to forefoot surgery that can assist you. Read on to find out more.

Understanding your hip replacement: A guide to the different options

Patients with hip arthritis who have been recommended for hip replacement surgery may be overwhelmed by the variety of options available and the surgery and recovery period to come. In this detailed guide, leading consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Andrew Skyrme sheds light on which patients may be most suitable for the various types of hip replacement and explains the steps he takes in his own practice to ensure the best outcomes for his patients.

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