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Detecting prostate cancer with the PCA3 urine test

PCA3 is a urinary test that measures the concentration of the PCA3 molecules in the urine before and after a prostate exam. The PCA3 urinary test is particularly useful in men to provide a guide on whether there is a need for a second biopsy as a result of a high-risk of underlying prostate cancer. Urologist Mr Aza Mohammed tells us more about the PCA3 test and how it compares to other tests in the detection of prostate cancer.

Is blood in the urine serious?

Have you recently experienced blood in your urine? Blood in the urine can originate from any part of the urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate in males and the urethra). Blood in the urine should be investigated promptly as it could be a sign of a sinister disease. Mr Aza Mohammed tells us what blood in the urine could be a sign of and when you should seek emergency care.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is when a man is unable to attain or sustain an erection that is sufficient for satisfactory penetrative sexual intercourse. This can greatly impair a man’s quality of life. Urologist Mr Aza Mohammed is here to walk us through erectile dysfunction and how it can be treated.

The best way to treat recurrent UTIs

Long-term low dose antibiotic therapy was previously used for the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections for a long time. Mr Aza Mohammed talks about this prolonged use of antibiotics and how the Uromune system can help those with recurrent urinary tract infections, in particular women, without the need for antibiotics.

Kidney stone pain: what does it feel like?

In cases of small kidney stones, you may not even notice that you have them as they pass when during your trip to the toilet. Large kidney stones, however, may leave you in noticeable pain! Read more from our top urologist Mr Aza Mohammed on what to expect with kidney stone pain and what happens if it goes untreated.

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