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Life after bariatric surgery: how likely is weight regain?

If you're planning on having bariatric surgery, it's worth considering what life after the procedure will be like. We spoke with Mr Bruno Sgromo who is an expert consultant bariatric surgeon, to find out whether patients usually regain weight and what the likelihood of this is. Mr Sgromo takes a multidisciplinary approach when caring for patients and so, an established dietitian was also invited to share some tips on maintaining your weight after surgery.

Which weight loss surgery is safer?

Having any kind of surgery can be daunting but weight loss surgery can be a very useful tool to achieve long-lasting weight loss, improve your overall health and reduce your chances of having a heart attack, stroke and cancer. Mr Bruno Sgromo, a consultant bariatric surgeon, answers some questions we have on the safety of weight loss surgery and the types available.

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