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Why do athletes get injured so often?

Sport and exercise are important factors that contribute to a healthy body and lifestyle. Injury, however, commonly occurs, particularly at a high level. Esteemed London-based sports medicine physician Dr David Porter details the causes of injuries, how they can be prevented, and why preventing injuries rather than relying on treating them is so important.

Sports medicine: what’s the goal?

Sports medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine, dealing with the treatment and prevention of injuries that occur as a result of physical activity. But how does it do this, and is sports medicine only for professional athletes? Esteemded London-based football and sports medicine physician, Dr David Porter answers these questions and more, to offer a better understanding of sports medicine.

An injection of hope? - treating arthritis with PRP injections

Arthritis is a common condition that can cause pain and stiffness in the joints. There is constant investigation into how the symptoms can be managed and treated in a more efficient manner. One potential treatment is the use of platelet-rich-plasma injections. Dr David Porter, a leading London-based football and sports medicine physician, explains arthritis further and discusses the positive results patients are experiencing after getting PRP injections.

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