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Septoplasty: what is it and how effective can it be?

A bent nasal septum can adversely affect how we breathe and sleep, and can certainly disrupt one's quality of life. Here to reassure us that the problem can be effectively treated is expert consultant rhinologist, nasal plastic & ENT surgeon, Mr Joe Marais. In our latest article, the highly experienced Marais details how exactly the condition can be treated and what improvements patients can expect to see following operative intervention.

Nasal deformities: septoplasty vs. rhinoplasty

There are many different types of nasal deformities, it is often a cosmetic concern but sometimes it can also affect the functionality of the nose too. We recently spoke with a highly established nasal plastic & ENT surgeon, Mr Joe Marais, to discuss rhinoplasties and how they compare with septoplasties when treating nasal deformities. We cover many of the FAQs regarding these procedures, in this article.

FAQs on balloon sinuplasty

Blockage of the nose, sinus inflammation and severe rhinosinusitis can be treated with balloon sinuplasty. It's a procedure that's used to drain the larger nasal sinuses. One of our highly experienced Nasal Plastic and ENT surgeon's, Mr Marais, spoke with us about the procedure and answered some FAQs.

Avoiding the common cold and chronic sinusitis

The common cold is mild on its own, but in some cases a blocked nose can lead to further infections, turning into chronic sinusitis over time. Chronic sinusitis is a much more serious condition that can permanently damage your nose. Expert rhinologist Mr Joe Marais explains how a blocked nose becomes chronic, when to see a doctor, and how to reduce your risk of further infection.

Nasal deformity: when to see a doctor

We can all feel self-conscious about our appearance but if you've grown up with an odd-shaped nose, perhaps you've developed a complex and don't feel comfortable enough to pose for photos or have the confidence to go outside. Expert ENT surgeon Mr Joe Marais describes a nasal deformity and when it may be time to consult a specialist...

Complications, dos and don’ts of septorhinoplasty

Septorhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to reconstruct and correct the nasal septum, both for medical or aesthetic purposes. As with any surgical procedure, there are potential complications to be aware of, as well as an important list of 'dos and don'ts' to follow post-surgery. Mr Joe Marais, a leading plastic and ENT surgeon, summarises these for us.

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