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Part two: Plastic surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our health services have reacted to the coronavirus in an efficient and effective way. However, other fields of treatment like plastic and reconstructive surgery, which may have been deemed 'non-essential' in March 2020 had to slow down or stop completely. In part two of this series of article from esteemed consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Kelvin Ramsey, he talks to Top Doctors about how plastic surgery procedures changed during the pandemic and what happens if patients have COVID or COVID symptoms around the date of their operation.

Part one: Plastic surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly affected all aspects of healthcare, including the field of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. In part one of this double article, Mr Kelvin Ramsey, a prominent consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon, speaks to Top Doctors about the current provision for patients looking for these types of procedures. He also reflects on UK healthcare providers' impressive response in the height of what was a global emergency.

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