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Dentofacial-related self-harm in adolescents: what you need to know

Unfortunately, there is a high percentage of young self-harming teenagers who report that this upsetting occurrence is because of the appearance and/or colour of their teeth. In our latest article, Dr Moira Wong, a highly esteemed orthodontist, delves further into these harrowing statistics, and reveals why interceptive orthodontics is highly beneficial for those struggling with self-confidence issues relating to their teeth.

Common questions about braces and orthodontics

Are you considering braces? We got in contact with Dr Moira Wong, a highly regarded orthodontist and founder of the Moira Wong Orthodontics clinic in Kensington (London) to discuss what the benefits of braces are. We found out what age is best to have braces, whether they can resolve an asymmetric jaw, whether they're painful and how your diet should be adjusted whilst wearing them. Find out the answers to your FAQs in this article.

Cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics: what is the right treatment for me?

Comprehensive dental care is crucial for a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile. When looking for suitable treatment it's important to weigh up all the options. We spoke with Dr Moira Wong who treats patients at her clinic in Kensington. We discussed cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics and what the differences are. Whether you're considering braces, veneers, crowns or composites, we recommend having a read of this article.

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