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Getting your ears pinned back – how does it work?

The ears, as with any facial feature, come in all shapes and sizes and for some they can appear as very prominent or protruding. Some people will choose to have surgery to create natural-looking ears. This procedure is called an otoplasty, which Mr Raj Lakhani, a top ENT surgeon, is an expert in. Here he explains what an otoplasty is, how it is performed and the risks involved.

What if I’m not happy with my nose job?

Have you just gone in for rhinoplasty surgery, but haven’t ended up with the nose you’ve always dreamed of? Is your nose still swollen from the operation? Are you worried it all went wrong? We talked to top ENT surgeon and facial plastic surgery expert Mr Raj Lakhani, who answered a question asked by many patients: what if I’m not happy with my nose job?

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