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Regenerative medicine treatment alternatives to knee surgery

Not all patients may feel one hundred per cent ready for knee surgery at any given stage in their lives. Thankfully, there are now many modern and effective regenerative medicine treatment options to treat knee problems without the need for surgery. In this insightful article, London-based consultant sports medicine specialist, Dr Ralph Rogers, outlines these main non-surgical alternatives to knee surgery, who is best suited for these treatments, as well as what age groups are suitable for them.

Lipogems and osteoarthritis: a patient guide

One of the latest advances in regenerative medicine, Lipogems injections, is now available at an increasing number of clinics across the UK, promising a new way to treat osteoarthritis without surgery. In this article, leading sports medicine specialist Dr Ralph Rogers has written a patient guide to Lipogems, covering how it works, who it’s suitable for, and how long the results last.

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