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It runs in the family: inherited heart disease

Inherited heart diseases are conditions that affect the heart and cardiovascular system caused by geentic abnormalities that are passed down from a parent to their offspring. Leading consultant cardiologist, based in London, Professor Sanjay Sharma explains this further. He discusses how these conditions are tested for and whether they can be prevented or are more likely to be passed from one parent than another.

How can sports cardiologists help athletes?

When we think of the role of medical professionals in sport, it's not often that the first field of medicine we think of is cardiology. We know sport is good for the heart, it makes it stronger, so how can cardiologists help athletes? Highly experienced and well-regarded London-based consulant cardiologist, Professor Sanjay Sharma highlights the importance of sports cardiology, explaining what exactly it involves and how sport can affect the heart. Professor Sharma discusses the impotance of preventative care of athletes as well.

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