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Sore throats and their different causes: The common cold, strep throat and tonsillitis

When you have a sore throat, the throat’s inner lining becomes inflamed as your body responds to a viral or bacterial infection. It becomes dry, which can make eating and drinking uncomfortable, and make your voice become hoarse. Leading consultant adult and paediatric ENT surgeon Miss Victoria Alexander take a closer look at strep throat, tonsillitis and the common cold as causes of a sore throat, as well as how to spot the difference.

What causes balance problems?

The ability to balance depends on various factors. This includes on how well the brain, nerves, eyes, muscles and joints, function, as well as the vestibular system, which is the group of structures behind the ear drum. Leading consultant adult & paediatric ENT surgeon Miss Victoria Alexander looks at the most common causes of balance problems in connection to the vestibular system, their symptoms and treatment.

Paediatric sleep apnoea: FAQ

Paediatric sleep apnoea is a disorder where a child's breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep, often due to blocked airways, leading to disrupted sleep and potential health issues. Here to explain more about the condition is leading consultant adult & paediatric ENT Miss Victoria Alexander, who discusses how it can affect a child’s development and treatment options.

Hearing loss: an expert’s insight

Hearing loss is something which, unfortunately, many people experience with increasing age. However, it is not an issue exclusive to older people. Leading consultant adult & paediatric ENT surgeon Miss Victoria Alexander provides an insight into hearing loss, explaining its principal causes, treatment methods, and the question on everyone’s mind; can it be prevented or cured?

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