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How cervical screening is changing in the UK

The UK is about to change how they screen for cervical cancer. Clinics will begin to look for the presence of high-risk HPV as the primary test for cervical screening. The test will still be taken in the same way, so the process will be exactly the same for women. If the HPV virus is not identified, the smear part of the test will not be analysed. We asked consultant gynaecologist, Mr Jullien Brady, why these changes are being made and how many women actually go to their first smear appointment.

Which patients is TAVI suitable for?

TAVI stands for transcatheter aortic valve implantation, a minimally invasive catheter-based procedure for patients with aortic stenosis. Aortic stenosis is a heart defect characterised by the narrowing of the aortic valve, which can cause chest pain (angina), dizziness, palpitations, breathlessness and loss of consciousness. Cardiologist Dr Michael Mullen tells us all about TAVI, the possible risks faced with the operation and the road to recovery.

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