Nasal cancer

Specialty of Oral & maxillofacial surgery

Nasal tumours are diseases characterised by the presence and development of cancer cells in the sinuses or nasal cavity. The main symptoms that usually appear are: a feeling of pressure in an area of the face, persistent nose bleeding, infection of the sinuses, frequent pain in the area of the nose, etc. Some of the symptoms caused by this type of tumour in the nose coincide with those that cause some benign pathologies, such as sinusitis, so in some cases the diagnosis of the tumour is not made until the advanced stages of its development. Diagnostic methods are usually biopsy and various imaging tests (radiology, CT). Treatment is based on surgical removal and associated radiotherapy. Microsurgery to reconstruct the areas and restore the functionality and appearance of the organ to the patient may be required depending on the extent of the surgery.
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