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Mr Khai Lam is an internationally recognised consultant orthopaedic spinal surgeon with over 25 years experience.  He is a leading expert in the treatment of spinal disorders.  He offers individualised and comprehensive spine care for all spinal conditions.  His philosophy is focussed on the education of patients into the nature of their condition, and the treatment options available.  In most cases he firmly believes that many spinal conditions can be treated without the need for surgery. 

In terms of surgery, he has been a pioneer in the development of innovative spinal surgical procedures including minimally invasive spine surgery, robotic spine surgery, artificial or total disc replacement surgery (ADR or TDR), sacro-iliac joint (SIJ) fusion surgery and scoliosis surgery.  His broad range of conservative and surgical spinal services are available to help treat both adult and paediatric patients.  He helped establish the internationally renowned spinal surgery unit at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital and was the founder and director of the AOSpine Reference Centre at London Bridge Hospital.  He also offers his expert services at the prestigious King Edward VII Royal Hospital, The London Clinic and The Harley Street Spine Hospital. 

He is proficient in minimally invasive spine surgery to treat all forms of degenerative spine disordersscoliosis and deformities in adults and children.  In fact, since 2004 he has performed over 1000s of these complex spinal procedures.  His specific areas of expertise include minimally invasive spinal surgery and spinal fusion surgery, computer navigated spine surgery and robotic spine surgery, cervical and lumbar artificial disc replacement (ADR) or total disc replacement (TDR) , and minimally invasive ALIFLLIF, OLIF and XLIF spine surgeries.  He is currently the Europe and Middle East (EMEA) Director of the Society of Lateral Access Surgery (SOLAS), which helps promote and teach ALIF, LLIF, OLIF and XLIF surgeries.  All Mr Lam's surgical cases are entered into the British Spine Registry.

Mr Lam became the first UK surgeon to be trained on the ExcelsiusGPS® Robotic Spine Navigation System and is leading the UK launch of this revolutionary spine system at the London Bridge Hospital.  What's more, since 29th Oct 2019, when Mr Lam became the first UK surgeon to perform a robotic spine surgery, he has since performed numerous of these robotic landmark spine surgeries.   These landmark cases includes the first UK single position lateral (SPL) XLIF, and first European a) minimally invasive robotic scoliosis spine surgery, b) single position ALIF (SPAL) spine surgery, and c) postero-medial SIJ fusion. 

Not only is he recognised for providing high level professional patient care and state of the art surgical treatment of the utmost quality, but also for his knowledge and research.  Mr Lam is in high demand to lecture internationally, his work is published in many scientific papers, and he frequently presents his clinical research at national and international spine societies.   He is also a reviewer for Egyptian Spine Journal, European Spine Journal, International Journal of Spine Surgery and Spine.

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