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Shortness of breath: the heart problems that can affect your breathing

Shortness of breath can be fatal if left untreated, it also happens to be one of the leading causes of A&E visits. We wanted to discuss some of the ways heart problems can impact the body, so we got in contact with one of our breathing with one of the UK's leading cardiologists, Dr Niket Patel. In this article, he explains some of the symptoms to look out for and when you should see a specialist.

Why do South Asians have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease compared to white Europeans?

Rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) naturally vary among people from different ethnicities. But why do South Asians have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases compared to Europeans? And what preventative measures should this community be aware of? Dr Joban Sehmi, one of our top consultant cardiologists in London and Watford explains.

Situational syncope: why do we faint under stress?

If you faint at the sight of blood or needles or from standing up for long periods, you are someone that experiences situational syncope. This is temporary loss of consciousness in response to a certain trigger or situation that causes you stress. Award-winning cardiologist, Dr Boon Lim, explains what is happening to our bodies when we faint, how it can be avoided and offers some tips to help you cope when you feel a syncope episode coming on.

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