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FIT test: the latest in rapid testing for colorectal disease

You may be asked to do a FIT test by your GP if you suspect rectal bleeding when you go to the bathroom. The stool samples that are sent off as part of the test will determine whether you need further investigations or whether you are negative for bowel disease. Read more from one of our top colorectal surgeons Professor Manish Chand on the FIT test and how rectal bleeding is investigated.

Haemorrhoids: top lifestyle changes and home remedies

Although haemorrhoids (piles) can be painful and unpleasant, there are many effective ways of treating and preventing them. Usually, they get better on their own but there are occasions where patients need hospital treatment. We spoke with the founder of the Birmingham Haemorrhoid Clinic and general and colorectal surgeon Mr David McArthur. He shared with us some lifestyle changes and home remedies that can reduce symptoms.

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