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What does an Ileal pouch or J-pouch surgery involve?

Ileal pouch surgery is mostly used to treat ulcerative colitis, or familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) when removal of the colon and rectum is required but the patient wishes to avoid a permanent ileostomy. Colorectal surgeon, Mr Richard Lovegrove gives us a detailed guide about what an ileal pouch operation entails and how it's different to an ileostomy.

Robots and colorectal surgery

Sometimes people experience worrying changes in their bowels, like a change in bowel movements, diarrhoea or even blood in their stools. They may also feel that they have a huge mass within their tummy and experience unusual cramps and pains. All of these symptoms will require further investigating. Mr Charles Evans, colorectal cancer specialist talks to us about detecting colorectal cancer and the use of robotics in colorectal surgery.

Ulcerative colitis: considering your surgical options

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory condition affecting the colon and rectum. Usually, it can be treated with medication such as steroids, but where this isn’t effective or an acute flare-up is occurring, surgery might be necessary. We spoke to consultant colorectal surgeon Mr Richard Lovegrove about your surgical options, and what factors to consider in the short and long term.

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