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All you need to know about J-pouch surgery

J-pouch surgery can offer patients with serious bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis improved outcomes and a life without the need for a stoma. Renowned consultant colorectal surgeon Mr Talvinder Gill gives a detailed guide to J-pouch surgery in this informative article and describes how he employs a single incision technique to improve safety in his practice.

An expert guide to POEM treatment for achalasia

Achalasia, an unusual conditon where food cannot pass easily from the food pipe to the stomach, often requires surgical treatment. Peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) is a minimally-invasive, surgical procedure used to fcailitate the passage of food. We invited highly respcted consultant colorectal and general surgeon Mr Amyn Haji to explain how the procedure is performed and the risks and advantages it offers patients.

Anal fistula treatment options: Ask an expert

Unpleasant discharge and pain caused by an anal fistula can cause a lot of discomfort for patients and surgical treatment will likely be necessary. In this informative article, highly respected consultant colorectal surgeon Mr Charles Evans offers insight and reassurance for patients on the surgical procedures used to treat anal fistulas. He also details how definitive colorectal diagnoses are determined.

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