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Lighting the way to clear skin: The science behind phototherapy

Phototherapy, utilising light to treat skin conditions, is a trusted dermatological approach. Effective for eczema, psoriasis, and more, it reduces inflammation and relieves symptoms. Despite potential side effects like dryness and tanning, proper monitoring minimises risks. Results typically appear within six to eight weeks, accompanied by a natural tan—a sign of skin defence against UV radiation. In his latest online article, Dr Derrick Philips delves into phototherapy for clearer, healthier skin.

Acne and sunbed use: what’s the connection?

With a widespread impact on millions globally, acne, a prevalent skin condition, frequently motivates individuals to explore a multitude of potential remedies. From creams, lotions, medications, and therapies to lifestyle adjustments, several treatments have proven effective in addressing the condition. One emerging method gaining popularity is the use of sunbeds to alleviate acne. However, before making any changes, it’s critical to it's important to distinguish between what's true and what isn’t. Distinguished cosmetic dermatologist Dr Simon Zokaie explores the link between acne and sunbed use.

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