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Diagnosing diabetes

There are a number of different types of diabetes. While 90% of people have type 2 diabetes, 10% have type one or insulin-dependent diabetes. Diabetes can be difficult to manage, with a person with diabetes making an average of 30 decisions every day that can affect blood glucose levels. Diagnosing diabetes can also be complex. Dr Ana Pokrajac looks at the early signs of diabetes and talks about how we can diagnose the different types.

When do I need to remove a lipoma?

A lipoma is a benign fatty lump. Lipomas can occur anywhere the body stores a layer of fatty tissue. Most are found beneath the skin and in front of the underlying layer of muscle, occasionally they can occur between muscles. It’s very rare for a lipoma to be cancerous. When they are cancerous, we call them sarcomas. Mr James Kirkby-Bott tells us a little bit about what causes lipomas and if we need to have them removed.

Weight loss: when it helps to see a doctor

Over half of the UK population is overweight, and by some estimates , two thirds of us are on a diet “most of the time”. Yet for something which is so important to our health and wellbeing, quality information and support for weight loss can be hard to find. The vast majority of us have only tried fad diets or advice found in a weekly magazine, without much success. So when does it make sense to visit a doctor for advice, and what can you expect from your appointment? We asked leading consultant in diabetes & endocrinology Dr Rasha Mukhtar:

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