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Myeloma: The right treatment for you

The symptoms of myeloma, the terminal bone marrow condition, can be relieved. There are aspects involved in the process that need to be carefully considered before starting treatment. The type of myeloma you have, your age and fitness levels are just some of the key factors that need to be assessed by a patient's healthcare team. Esteemed consultant haematologist, Dr Jaimal Kothari, has put together a comprehensive, reassuring guide to myeloma treatment that illustrates how patient quality of life always comes first.

Neutropenia: what abnormal blood counts can mean for your health

Having a low blood count can put you at an increased risk to certain problems, and when your white blood cell count is low, you are more prone to contracting infections. One such type of blood count is a neutrophil count, but what are neutrophils? Dr Jonathan Sive, a top haematologist, explains what they are and what a low neutrophil count can mean for your health.

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