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Improving mobility: A guide to knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, is a prevalent procedure aimed at replacing a damaged, worn, or diseased knee with an artificial joint. This surgery can significantly improve the quality of life for those suffering from severe knee pain and mobility issues. In his latest online article, Mr Trevor Lawrence gives us his insights.

Knee pain: when should I see a specialist?

Knee pain refers to discomfort or soreness experienced in or around the knee joint, often caused by injury, overuse, or underlying medical conditions, impacting mobility and daily activities. Renowned consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Jonathan Miles discusses the condition, including the causes, diagnosis and what measures can take themselves to manage the pain.

Knee arthroscopy: is it right for me?

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure aimed at diagnosing and treating a variety of knee problems. If you've been experiencing persistent knee pain or limited mobility, you may be considering this option. Leading consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Tarique Parwez discusses what knee arthroscopy entails, who might benefit from it, what to expect during the procedure, and its potential risks and benefits.

An in-depth guide to sports-related ankle pain

While we love to engage in sports, both for fun and as a form of exercise, this can have an impact on the body, leading to injuries causing ankle pain. We speak to renowned consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Hisham Shalaby, who explains what first aid measures to take for a painful ankle, when to seek medical attention for ankle pain and the available treatment methods.

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