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What happens to children’s growth when the hypothalamus isn’t functioning right?

The hypothalamus is a little known but fascinating and vital part of the human body. Experienced paediatric endocrinologist Dr Helen Spoudeas details what the hypothalamus is and why it’s critically important. She also highlights how hypothalamic dysfunction has the potential to affect many aspects of children’s lives.

Diet, hormones, genes and the risks of childhood obesity

Are you worried about your child's growing weight? In most cases, diet is the source of the issue, but in very rare cases, hormones and single-gene defects are the underlying cause. Specialist advice is available from Dr Helen Spoudeas, leading London paediatric endocrinologist. Learn from her about diet, hormones, genes, and the risks of childhood obesity.

Growth delay: a cause for concern?

If you're a parent, you may sometimes worry about your child's growth and development. Children grow at different rates and at times it can be difficult to know if they’re growing enough. We spoke with a general paediatrician expert and expert in paediatric endocrinology, Dr Rajiv Goonetilleke to find out how a child's growth should be evaluated, some of the main causes of growth delay in children and how they're diagnosed.

Success Charity – life after cure of a childhood brain tumour

In May 2019, distinguished consultant endocrinologist Dr Helen Spoudeas led the launch of Success Charity – a charity exclusively devoted to improving the quality of life of patients who have survived a brain tumour in childhood. We interviewed Dr Spoudeas to find out what support the charity provides and why such support is so desperately needed.

Why is my child not growing properly?

As a parent, it’s natural to worry if your child isn’t growing as you would expect. While in many cases short stature is due to short parental heights, some children can be affected by conditions that interfere with their normal growth. Dr Helen Spoudeas explains what these conditions are and clarifies if undernutrition can play a role.

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