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Minimally invasive surgery in children

Minimally invasive surgery is the use of special instruments and techniques to reduce the size of incisions when performing an operation. It usually refers to laparoscopy or thoracoscopy, which are techniques using ‘keyholes’ in the tummy and chest, respectively. Paediatric surgeon Mr Stefano Giuliani tells us about the advantages of minimally invasive surgery for children and what to look for when choosing a surgeon to operate on your child.

Neonatal surgery: fixing congenital abnormalities

Newborns need surgery when they are born with congenital abnormalities. This means that some organs did not form in the right way before birth and there is a need to perform neonatal surgery to correct the anatomy to allow that organ to function properly. Mr Stefano Giuliani, an expert neonatal surgeon, explains why some newborn babies require surgery after birth.

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