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The advanced DEXA scan

An advanced DEXA scan is a diagnostic tool which looks at the apparent density of a patient’s bone to discover the risk of osteoporosis and identify fractures and breaks. Professor David Reid, a highly-skilled rheumatologist and a winner of the 2018 Top Doctors Awards, clarifies what this type of DEXA scan offers, how it differs from the standard DEXA scan, who should be scanned, if it’s safe, how it’s performed, as well as what to expect after results.

Tips for parents: How to spot juvenile arthritis in your kids

We rarely associate arthritis with children and teenagers, and yet there are several types of juvenile arthritis that exist. Fortunately, there are treatments that allow affected children and teenagers to live a full and normal life. Dr Joel David, a rheumatologist with a wealth of experience in juvenile arthritis, shares his expertise on the six types that exist, how to spot if your child has it, diagnosis and available treatment options.

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